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de Loren & Associates


Conceptualized, designed and developed by de LOREN and Associates, Shogun 94027 is, we believe, a stunning 10,000 Sq Ft contemporary spec residence, located on a 26,000 Sq. Ft. lot, inspired by our travels to Japan and its rich history rooted in Shintoism and Zen Buddhism.  


Beyond its classical starting point, Shogun 94027 aims at providing an authentic contemporary "quiet luxury" home feel.  Indeed, one is simultaneously shielded from and open to the world at large, making it a unique residential sanctuary with an undeniable spiritual undertone.  The structure is in fact in geometrical harmony with its peaceful natural surrounding, only minutes from the heart of Silicon Valley.  

Water, rocks, trees, limestone elements are sprinkled carefully throughout the exterior and interior of the property to put mind and body at peace.  And it all seems as if Nature orchestrated it.  Furthermore, Shogun's calibrated interior spatial layout design is composed of soft whites, soothing grey / beige color tones, artisanal plastered walls,  expertly crafted wood textures and is equipped with the latest technological and security amenities.   


Minimalistic and sophisticated by design,  Shogun surprises with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, created by magnificent interior accents, bespoke furnishings and commissioned walnut sculptures.  This bespoke  home offers a deeply relaxing, healthy, meditative and creative environment for discerning individuals who seek an uncompromising philosophical and architectural ethos of superior quality.

By captivating our senses, Shogun is a fine home in the strictest sense of the word.  A true architectural outlier.  

Schematic animation coming next. 

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