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Holistic sustainability 
"What we think, we become."  Buddha

From the very beginning, our practice was founded on a design philosophy rooted in spirituality, health, spatial innovation, cutting edge elegance and building materials sustainability. Every architectural project we choose is a new beginning, based on lessons from the past and forward-thinking imagination of the present.  "Our dream is simple: to build fine carbon free homes where people can gather for the next100 years."  K. de Loren

Image by Barby Dalbosco

Our process to design a sustainable, long lasting home starts by understanding where our projects are located, who our clients are and to listen carefully to their specific needs and wishes.  It is our point of view that true sustainability is compatible with our clients concepts of life, what one thinks and how one wants to behave in this world.   From a spiritual viewpoint, our unique designed spaces feel sacred to us and reveal a particular philosophical "Carpe diem and Zen" way of life in concordance with planetary preservation belief systems shared by our clients.  Accordingly, honest sustainability is a healthy home build with noble materials and heritage methods, in true engineering harmony with the land and the Earth's natural environment. 

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