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"Imagination is everything."  Albert Einstein



de LOREN and Associates is, at its core, a family-run architectural design practice with a global collaborative design reach, based on a bold, sophisticated, progressive and clear creative identity.


Fundamentally, a de LOREN home exudes authentic "Quiet luxury". 

A state of the art Elegance that speaks for itself, composed of forward thinking holistic interior floor plans, an educated and refined earth tone interior design palette of exquisite materials and finishes applied with impeccable craftmanship.   


We fuse Modernity, the application of most current technologies, with our creative interpretation of history to achieve one of a kind structures that we believe will stand the test of time.  Specific to each project and client's dream house goals, we source our inspiration from American, Arabian, Asian and Western European design heritage methods, to create homes of superior aesthetic and engineering quality.  


We view a home as an artistic expression and we consequently promote and apply craftmanship found in many luxury guilds when creation occurs through the intrinsic process between material, traditional hand tools and the virtuosic skill of the maker.   


Our carefully select and integrated team of experts is composed of tested architects, designers, skilled artisans, premier contractors and experienced requisite staff to take on design challenges of all styles, scopes and complexity.   Our creative achievements set the de LOREN standard. 


"At the heart of each creative endeavor is our honest and full commitment to client satisfaction.  Ultimately, our heirloom quality homes are a pure yet sophisticated representation of our clients dreams, a sincere reflection of their cultivated outlook on life, professional achievements and cosmopolitan modern lifestyles."  S. de Loren


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Transparent collaboration


Listening is essential.  Our process starts with in depth consultations with our prospective clients to gain a deep understanding of who they are and what their dreams are.   


Rapid hand sketches will emerge from these conversations and our team will use these drawings to ask questions and propose thoughts early in the design stage.  Next, an extensive conceptual design research program will inspire several drafts of schematic designs to produce digital visualizations of architectural design prototypes to be presented to our clients.  

The final step, after schematic approval, is a meticulous design development process.  Interconnected with our latest aesthetics and engineering standards, we will produce a detailed final design presentation followed by construction drawings and completion.

"Success is materialized when our vision and our clients dreams align to create their awe-inspiring Dream Home".  N. de Loren




"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Leonardo da Vinci


Pursuit of Excellence 

Creativity and innovation are the pillars of our success.  We believe in the infinite possibilities of technologies as long as their impact on Earth's sacred ecosystem are sustainable.  


Naval architecture, precisely the design of the most luxurious superyachts and advanced performance sailing yachts, has been for our team, among other noble sources of inspiration,  a constant benchmark.  Oceans are extreme environments and demand exceptional design and engineering competence.  There is no room for error.  


de LOREN's applies this rigorous and disciplined mind set to create architectural structures that perform in accordance to our high technological standards and create a deep emotional impact. 

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