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de Loren & Associates


de Loren & Associates

Conceptualized, designed and developed by de LOREN and Associates, Blue Chip 94027 is a stellar 10,000 Sq. Ft contemporary spec Country residence, located on a 31,000 Sq Ft lot, is our interpretation of an American "blue blood" country residence of the 21st century.  In this case, the concept of nobility is not associated with the notion of Aristocratic "birth right", but rather with a contemporary educated lifestyle based on classic good taste, merit and noble moral principles.  

Blue Chip is quintessentially, from our perspective, a classic American design with a British flair, inspired by the less ornamental 1930's Modern style approach.  Clean lines, calculated glass surfaces to allow for proper sunlight, 12 to 14 feet ceilings throughout, a geometrical juxtaposition of well proportioned spaces, gives the structure a grand palatial appearance without ostentatious patterns.  Blue Chip is timeless and anti trends.  

The sense of quiet luxury is indeed omnipresent.  Fine carpentry, stone works, limestone accents, marble details, plastered walls and exquisite interior textures and furnishings  are  a few of the essential hallmarks of a fine home that transcends passing trends.  This is an heirloom home for discerning owners who intend to pass on their family's legacy to the next generation.   


We certainly believe it is a true iconic family home, loaded with modern technologies to perform according to demands of our times and customizable to the specific requests of it's future owners.  


Schematic animation coming next.  



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