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de Loren Fine Spec Homes 
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough".  Albert Einstein

 de Loren fine spec homes (dLFSH) is in the process of designing and developing its latest Signature line of sophisticated residential estates and homes which are in early stages of development. 

A - Inspired by Classic European 17th Century French Baroque architecture combined with our contemporary artistic aesthetics, we are creating a series of three (01, 02, 03) spectacular, one of a kind, heirloom Spec farm style homes.   These sustainable, refined and customized 10.000 to 12.000 Sq. F turn key residences will be build in harmony with the land and offered to upmost discerning buyers in Southern California.  Drawings and Sketches coming soon.  

B - Located in the Southern California desert, in close proximity to all prime attractions surrounding Palm Springs, La Quinta and Palm desert,  we are planning the development of an exclusive private residential club community, limited to 26 custom (8000 to 10.000 Sq. F  spec homes inspired by Classical Spanish Moorish architecture infused with elegant and exquisite contemporary design details.  We aim to make this project a true  architectural and lifestyle game changer.  Drawings and sketches coming soon.   



de Richelieu

Fine, Contemporary Farm style spec residence.


de Mazarin

Fine, Contemporary Farm style spec residence.

Image by Johannes Plenio
Image by Arno Senoner


de Vendome

Fine, Contemporary, stately, Neo Classical French Style farm house spec residence.



Fine, Contemporary American Farm style spec residence.

Image by Francisco Deane
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