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Image by Mattia Faloretti
Image by Mattia Faloretti

de Loren & Associates Wellness design 
"To keep the body in good health is a duty... Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear".  Buddha

In 2022, de Loren and Associates was given the opportunity to expand its creative services to the wellness sector of the Hospitality industry. 

Our philosophical view of Wellness design focuses on Authenticity, Purpose and Spirituality.  Our in-house design team, in collaboration with our global network of expert consultants, are relentlessly committed to challenge pre-conceived ideas of what Wellness is or should be.   What is certain is that clients expectations will be rising exponentially:  nothing short of a profound  personalized experience, exclusive and highly rewarding emotionally, will do.   In a very competitive digital world, Wellness Hospitality must offers the possibility for clients to temporarily and totally disconnect, to pause their lives, to think, to reflect and to heal.  Our mission is to provide our Owners/Developers clients, true original forward thinking architectural Wellness concepts that justify investment and maximize the long term value of their real estate development portfolio, within the upper echelon of the Hospitality and Leisure industry.  Wellness, the harmonious connection between a healthy body and mind has been practiced since ancient times in various forms.  It is our creative purpose to design spatial experiences, inspired by the divine nature of our planet and ancient yoga traditions, that ultimately transport clients emotionally to authentic sensorial settings, ideal for inner peace and advanced healing services.   Concepts drawings coming soon.

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