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In schematic design development phase...


Hospitality and Leisure


Southern California desert



Design Team

de Loren and Associates

3D Illustrations


Conceptualized and designed by de Loren and Associates, Atman (In-house Working Title - A person's soul) is our architectural design exploration of a brand new Hospitality and Leisure development project. 

Atman presents to us the fundamental challenge to first ask ourselves what Wellness is and what contemporary Wellness hospitality could become. 

This process is leading our team through extensive stages of research and design development.  We strongly believe that to perform effectively on multiple levels of client experience satisfaction, our vision must incorporate an authentic spiritual architectural design component.  One that is deeply rooted in the divine elements of Nature and provides a sublime and true Zen inspired sensorial perception of rejuvenation, relaxation and healing.  

Atman is our honest commitment to create an awe inspiring, sustainable and state of the art Wellness hospitality and leisure eco-system.  Actual drawings coming soon.  Present pictures are purely inspirational.  

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