Our firm’s vision is based on a humanist architectural approach intended to make minimalistic spaces feel warm, soft and awe inspiring.  Our constructive, constant client satisfaction approach is at the core of our pursuit of excellence. de Loren's mission is to deliver a product built to the highest quality standards recognized by our industry. Creativity, flexibility and passion combined with the courage to push design and technological boundaries: these are the skills of de Loren's team of experts and that is why our clients refer to our homes as "luxurious yachts" on land. 


de Loren & Associates is composed of an experienced international team of architectural designers, graduates of top academic institutions such as Sci-Arc and M.I.T among others, who are constantly thriving to challenge the boundaries of their acquired expert knowledge. Our Team applies a rigorous forward thinking design process to create complex residential structures that perform on all levels of practicality and promote symbiotic interactions between structural elements and the people that use them daily.  Our interior spaces are tailor made to our clients’ uniqueness without following any seasonal trends yet nevertheless are the result of contemporary research. Our design approach enables the creation of many different stylistic atmospheres, customized to the variety of different wishes and desires of our clients’ lifestyle needs. Precious materials, sophisticated finishes, splendid textiles and immaculate details lie at the core of de Loren & Associates aesthetic philosophy - an expression of cultivated stylistic code that never ceases to evolve, develop and grow into harmonious livable concepts and timeless visual elegance. We thrive to achieve a synergy throughout the home that result in perfectly crafted environments - healthy, intimate and comfortable spaces in which to relax, unwind, entertain and live fulfilling lives. Our firm’s vision is based on a humanist architectural approach intended to make minimalistic spaces feel warm, soft and awe inspiring. Ultimately, our buildings are designed for its inhabitants and their highly personal and individual demands. We constantly thrive to experiment with new materials and technologies. We have a cutting edge engineering knowledge of building structures on all types of terrain, including complicated hillside lots. We focus our attention to the fluidity of shapes and forms within interior and exterior areas. de Loren & Associates’ homes reflect our obsession with details and are ultimately designed to outperform their original architectural purpose.


Designing a home starts by listening carefully to our clients’ individual needs and wishes. This crucial dialogue allows us to clearly understand our clients’ expectations and how to exceed them by applying our firms’ unique vision to create a home engineered to be specifically practical, emotionally serene and aesthetically timeless. The core of our design philosophy is to create sophisticated spatial structures which make people think, are exciting, calming and healthy to live in.  Homes that are build to perform on multiple levels, in a fast paced digital world, yet remain structures that actually slow down the speed of life for its inhabitants. A form of architectural mindfulness which truly incorporate key natural elements to ultimately engage our clients within our precisely designed homes in myriads of ways. Our modern minimalistic structures become quieter, untroubled and inspiring retreats where one can truly focus on the now. The final home should represent one’s idea of life, the way you think, the way that you want to live and behave in this world. de Loren & Associate aesthetic priorities concentrate our teams’ know how on the primary elements of architecture: to craft spaces that are deeply connected to our clients unique identities and to resonate with their natural surroundings rather than dominating them.